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Ordinals:Goods for Manufacturers and Service Providers

How It Works

Our platform revolutionizes B2B transactions by enabling businesses to tokenize their products or services into subscription NFTs. With our solution, businesses can seamlessly issue subscription NFT tokens, providing their customers with exclusive access to their offerings. For instance, on a monthly basis, subscribers receive product NFTs, granting them the ability to either order physical deliveries of products or access online content and services. This innovative approach not only enhances customer engagement but also streamlines the subscription process, offering businesses a unique opportunity to unlock new revenue streams and establish stronger relationships with their clientele.This comprehensive model operates as a cloud-based service for clients and includes our professional tokenomics consulting support.

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Benefits Overview


Direct Consumer Engagement

By fostering direct financial relationships between companies and end-users, we can facilitate better understanding and response to consumer preferences and trends.

Asset Liquidity

The tokenization could increase the liquidity of the company, making it easier for companies to raise capital in future.

Cost Efficiency

Bypassing intermediaries and engaging directly with consumers can reduce costs and improve pricing strategies.

Cross-border Engagement

Blockchain facilitates cross-border transactions, enabling the company to expand globally and engage with an international customer base.

Transparency & Security

Blockchain technology ensures that all transactions are transparent, secure, and immutable, reducing the chances of fraud or disputes.

How we work

O1Intro call

We have an initial conversation to learn more about each other and explain our technology


Our team analyzes your business to prepare proposal


We agree on an offer and terms before beginning whole process


We prepare marketing materials, resolve technical and legal issue for tokensale


We are Issuing tokens and provide assistance on the stage of tokensale

O6Our Support

Advising concerning enhancement of model