Introducing first Mono RWA collection on BTC




About the Product Behind NFT


Mono Brand is dedicated to creating high-quality, sustainable fashion for modern nomads.

Art byLuther Brown

The Mono monkey logo was designed by digital artist Luther Brown.

ProductBamboo Blend T-Shirt

Made from a blend of sustainable bamboo and soft polyester this T-Shirt is perfect for everyday wear.

How to order RWA

01. Go to Magic Eden

Find our NFT collection called “Mono RWA by OG” and buy one of the NFTs.

02. Use Unisat Wallet

Use Unisat to buy “Mono RWA by OG” or move it there to store.

03. Go to OrdinalsGoods Web3 App

Connect with your Unisat wallet and redeem the RWA.

04. Receive Your RWA by Mail

At the stage of redemption, please indicate the size and all necessary details for delivery.

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