Revolutionizing the Organic Products Industry with OrdinalsGoods

Client’s Objective: Becoming the Leading US Kratom Supplier

In a world where botanicals are increasingly sought-after, one company had an audacious goal – to become the first large-scale supplier of Kratom in the US market. Kratom, a natural substance derived from Southeast Asian trees, had gained popularity for its potential health benefits and natural properties. To achieve this goal, they adopted a strategy centered around controlled, highest-quality products.

STRATEGY: Quality and Research

The company’s strategy hinged on delivering the highest quality Kratom products to consumers. They envisioned a future where Kratom was not just a commodity but a trusted source of wellness and vitality for countless individuals. This vision requires investments not only in cultivation and processing but also in rigorous medical research to study the full potential of Kratom’s influence.

THE CHALLENGE: Building a Decentralized Consumer-driven Customer Environment
To realize its vision, the company plans to build a comprehensive and flexible intelligent customer experience management, which helps to involve the customer in the whole process of production, product development, marketing strategies, and other key decisions, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty.
THE SOLUTION: OrdinalsGoods
Enter OrdinalsGoods, a groundbreaking platform that leverages NFT subscriptions to empower businesses. With OrdinalsGoods, the company found the perfect solution to its challenge.

How It Works: NFT Product Subscriptions

OrdinalsGoods allows the company to create and sell 21,000 lifetime NFT product subscriptions. Here’s how it works:


The company tokenized their future Kratom products as NFTs. Each NFT represented a lifetime subscription to their premium Kratom.

Global Reach & Accessibility:

The decentralized and digital nature of tokenized goods means that productions are accessible to a global audience. This broader reach allows for a diversified customer base and the ability to cater to a variety of customer needs and preferences.

Decentralized Decision-Making:

By involving customers as decision-makers in the blockchain ecosystem, we empower them with a voice in product development and delivery process. This decentralized approach ensures that customer needs and preferences are placed at the forefront, enhancing satisfaction and trust.

Enhanced Transparency & Trust:

The immutable nature of blockchain ensures that all transactions and product information are transparent and tamper-proof. This increased transparency fosters trust, as customers can verify the quality and authenticity of the products and services they consume.

Consumer Benefits:

Subscribers receive not only a financial stake in the company but also lifetime access to top-quality Kratom products.

Results: Empowered by NFT Subscriptions

With the support of OrdinalsGoods and their innovative NFT subscriptions, the company is planning to raise the capital required to build the Irradiator plant. This strategic funding enabled them to continue their commitment to producing the highest quality Kratom products while advancing medical research in the field. It marked a significant step towards their objective of becoming the leading US Kratom supplier, revolutionizing the Kratom industry, and offering consumers a trusted source of wellness and vitality.