We had an engaging and informative AMA session on Monday with MultichainZ and Fyde Treasury. We are incredibly thankful to MultichainZ, Fyde Treasury, and the amazing community that supports our projects. Here’s a recap of some of the key questions and answers from the session.

Key Questions and Answers

Q: “@Sash_jpg How do the partnerships with Fyde Protocol and OrdinalsGoods enhance MultichainZ’s ecosystem?” A: “First, I want to say that at @MultichainZ_, we build partnerships not for optics but for actual use cases. I’m very familiar with the @FydeTreasury team and their asset/treasury management stands out. We’re certain our partnership will set our protocol on the right growth path. OrdinalsGoods is a tokenizing asset. They’re among the first in a line of multiple tokenizing assets we’ll be partnering with, as well as protocols tokenizing user assets.”

Q: “In what ways could MultichainZ utilize Fyde’s treasury management?” A: “At @FydeTreasury, we use AI to help users ‘Capture gains… and Earn yield’. Over the past months, we’ve been assembling projects (as part of our portfolio) that align with what the ecosystem needs and MultichainZ is building a top-quality product.”

Q: “How is MultichainZ different in influencing the #RWA narrative in the #Web3 ecosystem?” A: “Diversity in products is important. It helps users have choices. In money markets and Web3, we need to accommodate diverse service offerings and support them. That’s what @MultichainZ_ is bringing on board: a diverse range of features such as Liquid Staking Derivatives, token/NFT lending, real-world asset tokenization management, etc.”

Replay the AMA

You can replay the recording of the chat and find out more about @OrdinalsGoods, @FydeTreasury, and what we’re building at @MultichainZ_.

Closing Thoughts

We’re excited about the partnerships and the future of our projects. The insights shared during the AMA highlight the unique strengths and synergies between MultichainZ and OrdinalsGoods. Together, we are pioneering new advancements in the Web3 and RWA space.