Our co-founder, Victor Yermak, recently had the privilege of pitching at Pecha Kucha Nights Sofia Vol. 21 on March 20, 2024, hosted at the Tech Park in Sofia. This event, a convergence of innovative minds and creative souls, was made possible by the incredible power of LinkedIn, spearheaded by @Levent Korkmaz — a professional dreamcatcher and a uniquely creative individual.

Pecha Kucha Nights Sofia is a standout event that seamlessly blends networking opportunities with pitches and live projects from creative entrepreneurs and artists spanning various domains: filmmaking, gaming, street art, pottery, and more. It offers a distinctive mix of concise business exchanges, immersive art experiences, captivating bubble shows, and personal interactions over delectable refreshments. Notably, the event drew not only artists, but also tech-savvy professionals from software development, construction, and local government sectors, fostering an ideal environment for inspiration, idea exchange, communication, and forging valuable business connections.

Of particular note is the enthusiastic reception of Victor’s pitch on art tokenization with Real World Asset (RWA) NFTs, sparking vibrant interest and leading to numerous engaging conversations and promising collaborations on creative ventures.

This event serves as a testament to the dynamic community in Bulgaria and the international support it receives. We are confident that this platform will continue to evolve and thrive with contributions from both local talents and international participants.

As such, we extend a warm invitation to join us for our upcoming event in April. It’s an opportunity not to be missed for anyone eager to immerse themselves in a world of creativity, innovation, and collaborative potential.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from OrdinalsGoods! 🚀